Where to Stay

Here you’ll find recent posts that help you with finding a place to stay and ensuring it works for your family while you’re there.  If there are other topics you’d like us to address, please let us know here.


Tent Camp

Tuesday Travel Trouble: Out with the friendly warthogs

When I was a kid, my grandparents spent three years on a small island in the Indian Ocean called La Réunion (a French overseas department).  While they were there, my parents planned a family trip for us to see them, with amazing experiences in Egypt and Kenya on the way.  In my recollection, everything went […]

Hooligans waiting for the next train

Adventures in Paris: European living

It’s been just over a week in Paris and we’re settling into our big-city lifestyle.  Our apartment certainly is European—a mix of tile and wood floors, small ancient bathrooms, tiny kitchen, no air conditioning, no dryer.  On one of the early days we did a load of laundry in the small washing machine that sits […]

Paris Rental

4 Weeks to France: A burst of panic

Worry, worry, worry. Is that what the mom is supposed to do?  I’m feeling a bit concerned about the apartment we rented in Paris.  We found it through Airbnb.  We’ve used Airbnb and similar vacation rental websites in the past with good success.  The difference here, I think, is that the apartment we rented is […]

Rental questions worth asking

Vacation rentals are great for so many reasons.  But since they’re separately owned, and the owners don’t have a brand reputation to uphold, there’s less consistency than what you’d find with hotels.  Whether it’s consistency with amenities listed, remodeling projects underway, environmental questions, it’s just worth hearing from them directly. When we were researching vacation […]