Tuesday Travel Trouble: I’m leaving, on a…chartered bus?

A few years ago, when we only had one child, our little family flew from Indianapolis to Boston.  The trip there was uneventful, but the way home got really tricky.  We flew from Boston to Cincinnati on Delta, then from Cincinnati to Indy on a regional jet—not exactly Delta but a Delta affiliate, although we’d bought our tickets from Delta.  That seemed to be the problem.  When we got to Cincinnati, our flight home to Indianapolis was cancelled.  The ticket agent at the regional airline wouldn’t help us because we’d bought our tickets on Delta.  So we went to the Delta desk.  Delta wouldn’t help us because it was the regional airline that had cancelled our flight.  We went back and forth again, getting more and more frustrated with our airport limbo.  Read more

Charlie tantrum--right there at the Children's Museum

Adventures in Paris: Getting along with tired and grumpy kids

Kids (and grown-ups) get grumpy when tired.  Traveling is very tiring.  It follows that during your adventures away from home, you will likely experience tired, irritable, grumpy children.  We have experienced a lot of this lately ourselves, so I’ve spent some time thinking about how to help our family be happy while traveling together.  Here are a few things we’ve tried. Read more