Making memories in Sintra, Portugal

Hold off on that new car — plan a trip, instead

Why investing in experiences will make you happier than buying more stuff

I’ve had some great experiences in my life, and I cherish the memories, but I also feel quite attached to my possessions.  In fact, I have quite a few possessions that I really love.  So when I read the claim that people derive more enduring satisfaction and happiness from their experiences than from their possessions, Read more

Sintra Family Picture

Can we really afford a family trip to Europe?

Sometimes when we tell people about one of our family trips, like last Christmas’ trip to Portugal, we get funny looks.  The funny looks stem from a variety of sentiments.  Sometimes it’s the “Why would I want to take my children with me on a big trip?” response.  Sometimes it’s more along the lines of “Why go so far away?”  But often it’s as simple as “There is no way I could afford that.”

Just how much does a family trip to Europe cost? Read more