French lesson (snip)

2 Weeks to France: Prepping the boys

Reading books and building context                

Family Explorers is based on the idea of putting things into context—working to engage your family in learning about your destination before you go.  With that in mind, I had grand plans for studying Napoleon, the French Revolution (all of them), and at least half of the artists in the Louvre before we leave.  BUT, as these things go, Read more

Making memories in Sintra, Portugal

Hold off on that new car — plan a trip, instead

Why investing in experiences will make you happier than buying more stuff

I’ve had some great experiences in my life, and I cherish the memories, but I also feel quite attached to my possessions.  In fact, I have quite a few possessions that I really love.  So when I read the claim that people derive more enduring satisfaction and happiness from their experiences than from their possessions, Read more