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Have you ever wondered if your family could travel the world like the Wheelwrights?  Do you want to travel abroad with your family, but the price of airline tickets has you down?

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This detailed eBook will walk you through the world of frequent flyer miles. You’ll learn the basics of frequent flyer programs, a handful of ways for infrequent flyers to earn miles, and tips to guide you through the process of redeeming miles for free flights. Read more

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Earn miles while shopping online

Earn miles when shopping online

Earn miles when shopping online

Frequent flyer miles have become a big business, and that’s good news for those of us wanting to travel on a budget, because it means there are lots of ways to earn miles without actually flying.  I’ve previously mentioned dining programs that allow you to earn miles for eating out.  But what about the rest of the shopping we do–especially online shopping?  Great news–there are ways to earn miles doing that, too!  And these shopping miles are in addition to the miles we earn through purchases made with rewards credit cards. Read more