Fly the Family for Free – eBook now available!

Have you ever wondered if your family could travel the world like the Wheelwrights?  Do you want to travel abroad with your family, but the price of airline tickets has you down?

Jump into the world of frequent flyer miles and learn how you can take your family abroad without spending thousands of dollars on airfare!

This detailed eBook will walk you through the world of frequent flyer miles. You’ll learn the basics of frequent flyer programs, a handful of ways for infrequent flyers to earn miles, and tips to guide you through the process of redeeming miles for free flights. Read more

Chase Ink Plus and the beauty of Chase Ultimate Rewards

There are a lot of great credit cards out there—several will earn you and your family flights across the ocean to see far-off places.  Most of the cards I recommend are “consumer” credit cards, but when I see a small business card with an offer that is too good to pass up, I need to share it.  That’s where today’s post comes in.

Chase Ink Plus is a great card.  The sign-up bonus is historically around 50,000 points after spending $5,000 in three months.  Right now that bonus is up at 70,000 if you use the link below.  That’s more than enough to get at least one member of the family to Europe and back! Read more

World Currency

Stretching your U.S. Dollar

I can still remember very clearly when I headed to Mexico for a visit after 6th grade.  Before leaving, we went to the bank to pick up some American Express Travelers Cheques.  Once in Mexico, if we wanted to use one, we had to either find a bank, a casa de cambio, or a vendor that would accept them–all of whom offered an atrocious exchange rate.

How times have changed. Read more

SPG Bonus with Beach

A card to get you going – Starwood Preferred Guest American Express

Note: The limited time offer on the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express ended on 6/30.  The standard offer is still available, and to be honest, it’s a good deal–you’ll just end up with the 25K bonus offer instead of  30K.  Let me know if you’d like a personalized referral link (looks like I may still get a benefit from doing so–plus good karma for you!).

You’re probably starting to see what you can do with responsible credit card usage.  You realize that you actually CAN afford a trip for your family if you play your cards well (yep, pun intended).  It really is true–we’ve taken our kids to Hawaii, Portugal, and France with the points and miles we’ve earned with credit cards and frequent flyer miles.  And we’ve helped friends and extended family plan similar trips abroad.  We want to help you do the same!

Great!  But which card? Read more