Holiday shopping: Top Secret Adventures

Welcome to the third installation of holiday shopping ideas for traveling families!  Click here for the full (and growing) list of gift ideas.

Today’s recommendations: Top Secret Adventures by Highlights

Remember sitting in the dentist’s office as a child and finding the Highlights magazine?  I do, and my favorite was always the hidden pictures section.  Well, it turns out Highlights now has something for our young travelers!  It’s called Top Secret Adventures, and it’s a great series of activities for elementary schoolchildren. Read more

Books for young travelers

Holiday shopping: Books for mini travelers

I don’t know about you, but at our house, there have been Christmas lists and letters to Santa showing up for several weeks now.  We do NOT need more toys in our house.  But anything that contributes to our boys’ learning—especially if it relates to our love for travel—is worth our consideration. 

Given the season, I figured it’s a good time to share some recommendations for traveling families!  Over the next several days, watch for gift suggestions for you traveling families.  Most will be focused on kid-travelers, but I’ll probably throw in a few ideas for the parents, as well.  Keep in mind that some of these could be a good suggestion for the grandparents who are struggling to come up with gift ideas for the little ones, so you may want to pass these along! Read more

French lesson (snip)

2 Weeks to France: Prepping the boys

Reading books and building context                

Family Explorers is based on the idea of putting things into context—working to engage your family in learning about your destination before you go.  With that in mind, I had grand plans for studying Napoleon, the French Revolution (all of them), and at least half of the artists in the Louvre before we leave.  BUT, as these things go, Read more