Print Edition - Christmas Tree

Last-minute stocking stuffer

Still struggling with what to get for the one on your gift-giving list who has it all?

Wondering how in the world you can persuade your significant other to agree to some family trip planning?

Need to jumpstart your travel plans by saving thousands on airfare?

Great news—Fly the Family for Free is now available in print!  So it can go under the tree or fit right into your favorite stocking!  I’ve said it before, and I’m always happy to say it again—if the thing that is keeping you from traveling as a family is the cost of airfare, this is a way to overcome that obstacle.  Our family trips to Hawaii, France, Portugal, and elsewhere in the U.S. prove that it’s possible.  Whether you save up points and miles for one year or five, you can fly your family for several hundred dollars less per person just by planning ahead and earning points and miles whenever possible.

But don’t wait!  The Post Office tells me I’ve got to ship no later than Saturday to get it to you in time for Christmas morning.

Still interested in the eBook edition? It’s still available and is delivered instantaneously. Check it out here.



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