Money-saving tips and tricks for family travel

Rental van fun!

Tuesday Travel Trouble: car rentals gone awry

Today we launch a new series: Tuesday Travel Trouble.  We’ll share some travel-gone-wrong experiences, some tips on how to avoid similar situations, and in many cases, a good laugh (at least in hindsight).  If you have similar experiences of travels gone awry that you’d be interested in sharing, send them our way at Read more

Marche d'Aligre

Adventures in Paris: Marché d’Aligre and the Promenade Plantée

There are a lot of open-air markets around Paris.  In fact, there are whole books about them!  There are bird markets, book markets, antique markets, produce markets, meat, fish, and other food markets, and many more.  So finding a great one can feel like a big task.  In our travels, we found that the Marché d’Aligre was a great size—not too big, not too small—in a good part of town with a fun add-on kid activity just a few steps away. Read more

Arc de Triomphe traffic

Driving in Paris & rental car tips

After two weeks in the non-stop city bustle of Paris, we decided to take a trip out of town.  We needed a bit of space for our boys to run and were worried about another Paris heat wave.  After exploring train options and cheap flights from Paris, we chose instead to redeem some points for a week-long minivan rental.  We found the car we needed at Paris’ Gare du Nord (north train station), and I headed there after getting the boys in bed a few nights ago.  Read more

World Currency

Stretching your U.S. Dollar

I can still remember very clearly when I headed to Mexico for a visit after 6th grade.  Before leaving, we went to the bank to pick up some American Express Travelers Cheques.  Once in Mexico, if we wanted to use one, we had to either find a bank, a casa de cambio, or a vendor that would accept them–all of whom offered an atrocious exchange rate.

How times have changed. Read more


Finding cheap flights

My friends and family know that I’m into travel.  They also know that I like to save money.  So a question I regularly get is how to find cheap airline tickets.

My first recommendation is to save up points and miles to fly for free, but let’s face it, unless you’ve planned far in advance, that may not be a possibility for an upcoming trip.

So what about when you have to buy airline tickets?  Which website to use?  When to buy?  How to save? Read more