3 Weeks to France: Gearing up

I’ve recently been taking inventory to see what needs to be purchased for our five-week stay in Paris.  There is so much cool travel gear out there these days!  We did our research before selecting a couple of new items.  First on my list was kid gear.  The owner of the apartment we are renting was able to procure a crib and a highchair for us to use during our stay.  Hooray!  The next big issue was a stroller.  We always debate Read more

Passport pics

Passports without pain

So, you’ve got a big family trip on the radar, and it’s going to take you outside the U.S.  You know what that means–passports for the whole family!

While I admit the cost of passport applications fees adds up, just remember this will be worth it, and hopefully you’ll be spreading the cost over multiple trips throughout the validity of the passports. Read more

Nano SIM card

Using your cell phone abroad

When it comes to using a cell phone abroad, I’ve heard horror stories.  Mostly unpleasant surprises on phone bills when people get home from their trip (i.e. in the thousands of dollars).  I completely agree that the whole thing is confusing, and in the past, I’ve never felt sure that I’d get home without billing disappointment.

Read more