Crossing time zones

Not sure what kind of parent you are, but at our house, we pride ourselves in ensuring high quantities of sleep.  Yes, it’s one of our top priorities, because we’ve seen how poorly our kids can function when lacking sleep.  And we parents do much better with sleep, too!  One of our biggest fears about traveling in the past has been the quality and quantity of sleep our kids get while away from home.

And clearly we’re not alone—I recently received the following note from one of our readers: Read more

Big Sky

Tuesday Travel Trouble: Alone in Bozeman

You may have already guessed this, but I grew up in a traveling family.  On one occasion, I talked my dad into some 1-on-1 time in the mountains of Montana.  As the baby of the family (but by now a 16-year-old), I was the last one left at home.  My dad and I loved to ski.  And while we usually did this in the mountains of Utah, I had researched the resorts of the West and had picked Big Sky as my next target.  My dad was game, so when spring break appeared on the horizon, we got to planning.  Since my dad had meetings in Boston the first half of the week, and my mom and I wanted to spend some time with family in Utah, we decided that I would fly from Salt Lake, and he would fly from Boston.  (You can probably see where this is going.) Read more

Rental van fun!

Tuesday Travel Trouble: car rentals gone awry

Today we launch a new series: Tuesday Travel Trouble.  We’ll share some travel-gone-wrong experiences, some tips on how to avoid similar situations, and in many cases, a good laugh (at least in hindsight).  If you have similar experiences of travels gone awry that you’d be interested in sharing, send them our way at Read more