Tuesday Travel Trouble: Maria saves Portugal

There’s always the risk of flight delays. It really is not new news. But when you add international flights and lots of little kids to the mix, things can get really painful. Not only are there fewer options to get you across the ocean, there are also only certain times of day when those flights occur (e.g. generally overnight flights when heading across the Atlantic), making it difficult to adjust plans when flights go wrong.

When we decided to take our family to Portugal last December to visit grandparents, we were able to use frequent flyer miles to get us from Austin to Dallas (American Airlines), Dallas to Madrid (Iberia), and Madrid to Lisbon. We knew from the start it would be a long journey, but we had Christmas and grandparents on the other end, so our spirits were high. Read more

Hospital sick

Traveling with health concerns

When we Wheelwrights were in Paris, we were blessed with good health — for all of us — but that’s not to say you won’t run into illness when traveling.  Guest writer Kristy Taylor shares her experience and advice to manage health challenges while abroad.

Our third child, Sydney, is our least healthy child.  She has allergies, asthma, and migraines, which means she wears out easily, catches everything that walks through the door—and catches it hard—and requires a lot of maintenance and rescue medications.  Thankfully, she does not need syringes, or an oxygen tank, or a wheelchair—that would be a whole different kettle of fish, but considering that almost 10% of children in the US have asthma and about 5% of American children get migraines, not to mention a number of other moderate-yet-manageable childhood illnesses, it’s likely that many of us are trying to figure out how to travel with our children and their health needs.  Read more

Tent Camp

Tuesday Travel Trouble: Out with the friendly warthogs

When I was a kid, my grandparents spent three years on a small island in the Indian Ocean called La Réunion (a French overseas department).  While they were there, my parents planned a family trip for us to see them, with amazing experiences in Egypt and Kenya on the way.  In my recollection, everything went pretty smoothly in Egypt (except for an incident with my brother’s low blood sugar in Cairo), and our Kenyan safari was spectacular.  Where we ran into trouble was the overnight stay in Nairobi just before heading into the brush. Read more

Successfully at Disney--crutches and all

Tuesday Travel Trouble: Trip Swap

Today we continue with our Tuesday Travel Trouble series, today highlighting a travel-gone-wrong experience from guest writer, Kristy Taylor.  WARNING! What Kristy has attempted (and accomplished) in redeeming her almost-failed trip is NOT for the faint of heart—and it’s definitely impressive.  If you have experiences of travels gone awry that you’d be interested in sharing, send them our way at news@familyexplorers.com. Read more