Tent Camp

Tuesday Travel Trouble: Out with the friendly warthogs

When I was a kid, my grandparents spent three years on a small island in the Indian Ocean called La Réunion (a French overseas department).  While they were there, my parents planned a family trip for us to see them, with amazing experiences in Egypt and Kenya on the way.  In my recollection, everything went pretty smoothly in Egypt (except for an incident with my brother’s low blood sugar in Cairo), and our Kenyan safari was spectacular.  Where we ran into trouble was the overnight stay in Nairobi just before heading into the brush. Read more

Champs de Mars

Adventures in Paris: Interacting with the natives

We’ve been in Paris nearly two weeks now.  We’re getting comfortable with our neighborhood and routine.  One of the really fun things is to see how the boys interact with French children.  Initially, they were all too shy and embarrassed to say any French words to anyone.  On one of our first days here we were playing at our neighborhood playground.  Ben (7 years) was digging a giant hole in the sand.  A little French girl was standing next to him, watching, and talking away to him in French.  Read more

Making memories in Sintra, Portugal

Hold off on that new car — plan a trip, instead

Why investing in experiences will make you happier than buying more stuff

I’ve had some great experiences in my life, and I cherish the memories, but I also feel quite attached to my possessions.  In fact, I have quite a few possessions that I really love.  So when I read the claim that people derive more enduring satisfaction and happiness from their experiences than from their possessions, Read more