Christmas Abroad

Traveling at Christmastime can truly be an adventure.  Last year we took the family to Portugal, and you may recall the harrowing experience of getting there after some storms caused flight delays.  While it’s true that Christmastime is a busy time to be on airplanes, it can be a wonderful time of year to visit Europe (though perhaps not Scandinavia—save that for sunshiny summertime).

Portugal was not crowded at Christmas, the streets of Lisbon were adorned with lights and decorations, and we had the beach to ourselves! Read more

Holiday shopping: Top Secret Adventures

Welcome to the third installation of holiday shopping ideas for traveling families!  Click here for the full (and growing) list of gift ideas.

Today’s recommendations: Top Secret Adventures by Highlights

Remember sitting in the dentist’s office as a child and finding the Highlights magazine?  I do, and my favorite was always the hidden pictures section.  Well, it turns out Highlights now has something for our young travelers!  It’s called Top Secret Adventures, and it’s a great series of activities for elementary schoolchildren. Read more

Holiday shopping: Maps for young travelers

This is the second in our series of holiday shopping recommendations for young and future travelers!  Click here for more ideas.

I don’t know about you, but at our house, there have been Christmas lists and letters to Santa showing up for several weeks now.  We do NOT need more toys in our house.  But anything that contributes to our boys’ learning—especially if it relates to our love for travel—is worth our consideration. 

Given the season, I figured it’s a good time to share some recommendations for traveling families!  Over the next several days, watch for gift suggestions for you traveling families.  Most will be focused on kid-travelers, but I’ll probably throw in a few ideas for the parents, as well.  Keep in mind that some of these could be a good suggestion for the grandparents who are struggling to come up with gift ideas for the little ones, so you may want to pass these along! Read more

Remembering Flanders Fields

The whole world seemed to turn heart and mind to the world’s veterans yesterday.  I was touched, seeing the faces, the names, the memorials to so many who have given their lives in the name of freedom over the past few centuries.

Since one of the recurring images from yesterday’s commemorations was the red poppies surrounding the Tower of London, a prime location for family travel, I figured it would be appropriate to share a few photos of the poppies and surroundings from last week’s visit to London. Read more

Adventures in Paris: To the beaches of Normandy

When we arrived in Paris, we really anticipated staying in and around the city throughout our time in France.  In addition to a handful of sightseeing books focused just on Paris, we’d only gone one step farther from downtown with the book An Hour from Paris, which proved helpful in our visit to Provins.  Yet as time passed in Paris, Normandy kept coming to mind.  Not only would it provide a break from the city—it would also provide some fun on the beach (our boys LOVE the beach) and exposure to an important piece of world history with WWII sites along the coastline. Read more