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Remembering Flanders Fields

The whole world seemed to turn heart and mind to the world’s veterans yesterday.  I was touched, seeing the faces, the names, the memorials to so many who have given their lives in the name of freedom over the past few centuries. Since one of the recurring images from yesterday’s commemorations was the red poppies surrounding […]

Tuesday Travel Trouble: FLEAS

Alright, the Tuesday has finally come to share one of our most troubling travel stories.  We’ve waited to share this one because we are, after all, a website encouraging family travel, letting you know that “you can do it,” and “it will be great!”  Yes, these things are still true.  But part of the reason […]

Greetings from London and the World Travel Market

I spent last week at the World Travel Market in London.  It’s an annual event that attracts more than 30,000 participants, including travel agents, tour operators, travel associations, local and national tourism boards, travel technology companies, travel bloggers, museums and cultural sites, airlines, and other categories of attendees I’m forgetting at this moment.  It was a […]