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Adventures in Paris: a Swiss getaway

We rented a car and drove to Switzerland last weekend.  After two and a half weeks of walking and public transportation, having our own car was heavenly.  We felt so independent and in control!  It was awesome.  We were searching for cooler weather, so we decided to drive to the Alps.  It was a six-hour […]

Adventures in Paris: HEAT WAVE

We had a little heat wave in Paris last week.  It was quite chilly when we arrived two weeks ago, but by last Friday the temperature had climbed to 95° F.  It was hot.  Sticky, sweaty, stinky, hot.  We’re Texans, and quite used to temperatures above 95 degrees, but at home, we have air conditioning […]

Adventures in Paris: Interacting with the natives

We’ve been in Paris nearly two weeks now.  We’re getting comfortable with our neighborhood and routine.  One of the really fun things is to see how the boys interact with French children.  Initially, they were all too shy and embarrassed to say any French words to anyone.  On one of our first days here we […]

Adventures in Paris: European living

It’s been just over a week in Paris and we’re settling into our big-city lifestyle.  Our apartment certainly is European—a mix of tile and wood floors, small ancient bathrooms, tiny kitchen, no air conditioning, no dryer.  On one of the early days we did a load of laundry in the small washing machine that sits […]