4 Weeks to France: A burst of panic

Worry, worry, worry.

Is that what the mom is supposed to do?  I’m feeling a bit concerned about the apartment we rented in Paris.  We found it through Airbnb.  We’ve used Airbnb and similar vacation rental websites in the past with good success.  The difference here, I think, is that the apartment we rented is not an investment property or a vacation home—it is a family’s full-time home, full of their full-time stuff.  I feel small bursts of panic when I think about how my four destructive young boys are going to interact with all that stuff.

Paris Rental - Tulipes

Inside and outside the Paris rental–how bad could it be?

Other concerns include:  (1) the owner of the apartment smokes (we do not), (2) it’s on the third floor, (3) there is no air conditioning, and (4) there are cats.  I did have a small meltdown when I learned about the cats (not something that was disclosed before we sealed the deal), but the owner told us the cats can live outside—“Just use something to block the cat door and put some food outside,” she says.  Really?  That doesn’t sound like a fool-proof strategy to me.  I’m fairly certain my children are going to side with the cats if they are persistent about wanting to get inside.

The thing about choosing a home or apartment rental is that there are always trade-offs.  You trade a good price for a central location, or you trade a quaint village for something closer to the city.  You have to decide what your priorities are.  In our case, our top priorities were three bedrooms (for better sleep) and a good location (close to central Paris and walkable to public transportation).  We chose this apartment because it has four bedrooms, it’s in an excellent location, and it’s a three minute walk from the metro.  It’s also in a building that has a fenced-in backyard, and the owner gave us a good price.

While we were originally looking farther outside the city (quaint villages and lower prices), we ultimately decided that for our young family it was important to be closer in.  We have children who nap and a mom who needs breaks, so we wanted a home base that was close enough to return to in the middle of the day.  So, despite my bursts of panic and worry, we actually feel quite lucky to have found an apartment with four bedrooms, in such a great location, for a reasonable price.  The smoky smell, the third floor, the lack of A/C, and the cats will no doubt be an adventure!

We will let you know how things go when we arrive!





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  1. Pheobe
    Pheobe says:

    The smoke and cats would have been a deal breaker for me since I’m allergic to cats and that smoke smell gives me a major headache. But getting a bigger place so close to the action is definitely going to be awesome for you guys! Hopefully everything works out well and you have no regrets!


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